June 8, 2015


Today, electronics the world over has made limit less growth in terms of new ideasand techniques. Electronics and Communications systems have made an electronic engineer a role model for the change of the modern society. The academics and industries should work together to meet the challenges. ECE industries are in need of highly skilled manpower.This manpower can be available only with flexible, adaptive and progressive training programs run by Board of Technical Education, under the aegis of Directorate of Training and TechnicalEducation, Delhi. From 1996 the Department of Electronic and Communication Engg. at GND polytechnic has been consistently working towards this goal.The three year Diploma program in ECE contains a proper blend of basic concepts and advances in technology. The faculty has succeeded in keeping a lively atmosphere among the students, with timely up gradations in the curriculum. The interactions of faculty and students in institute have proved to be highly successful in our case.The department also maintains a close link with industry through Training and Placement cell of GND polytechnic. The interaction with industry has been mutually beneficial. For the industries it offers in-time solutions to their technically skilled man power problems. On the other hand it helped the ECE department in proper diversification of the latest activities in industry and to implement in the academic programs of the department. The Department of Electronic and Communication Engg. is an integral part of the GND Polytechnic founded in 1996, successfully producing Diploma holders having hardworking caliber, and latest technical knowledge.At present around 60 students in morning session and 45 students in evening session graduate from the department every year with more than 500 students having passed outof the department till now, who are all pursuing successful ventures / careers in their life


Total Intake of student in this course is 62 in morning and 48 in evening shift.


1.Dr. Satish KumarLecturer
(Selection Grade)
B.Tech, M.E., PhD(Engg.)
2.Sh Shiv Ratan SinghOfficer Incharge(Evening Shift)
Lecturer(Selection Grade)
B.Tech, M.Tech
3.Sh Harnamo RamLecturerB.Tech, M.Tech
4.Sh KarambirLecturerB.Tech, M.Tech
5.Sh Arup BhowmikLecturerB.Tech, M.Tech