June 8, 2015


This Diploma Course has been started with a view of training students in the vastly emerging industries of India using new technologies like Petro-Chemical engineering , Manufacturing Engineering, Aviation, etc.,. All Engineering Industries connected with above areas have to rely on Instrumentation such as Measurement & Instrumentation, Quality Control, calibration & testing etc.,- all very much an essential part of the entire set up in any industry. To cope up with the modernization of Indian Industry & Quality Control, the syllabus & objectives of teaching have been formulated to encompass the areas of Computers , Manufacturing Engineering, Robotics & Industrial Automation which are now important areas of study. The course at Guru Nanak Dev Institute of Technology follows the scheme of Multi-point Entry & Credit System . Total Intake of student in this course is 62 in morning and 48 in evening shift.


Total Intake of student in this course is 62 in morning and 48 in evening shift.


1.Mr. G.S.BajwaLecturer(Selection Grade)M.E (Thermal Engineering)
2.Mr. Rakesh Kr. VermaLecturer(Sr. scale)B.E
3.Mr. Nanak RamLecturerB.Tech(Mechanical),M.Tech
4.Mr. Ajay ChhillarLecturerB.E. (Mech.), M.E. (System Design),Ph.D(Pursuing)
5.Mr. Anurag KumarLecturerB.E, M.Tech
6.Mr. Lokesh KumarLecturerB.Tech(Civil),M.Tech(Environment)
7.Mr. Sanjeev KumarLecturerB.Tech, M.Tech(Pursuing)
8.Sh Brijesh DagarLecturerB.Tech,M.Tech.
9.Sh Prabhakar SharmaLecturerB.Tech,M.Tech
9.Sh Dinesh YadavLecturerB.Tech,M.Tech