June 8, 2015


Polymers have become an essential and ubiquitous part of our lives. No other class of materials can rival its range of properties, flexibility in processing, and potential for low cost production. Quality of performance is an essential and challenging feature that has been demonstrated by polymeric materials in an impressive array of applications. The widespread use of polymers is a gratifying confirmation of the success of the polymer technology and engineering community, but it carries with it the need to continually focus on maintaining the research and development effort. The department has developed modern research facility and infrastructure to support the teaching and training activities. The department has well established laboratories on Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Synthesis, Polymer Testing and Quality Control, Polymer Characterization, Polymer Processing etc. The department has well developed Processing Technology Laboratory and has of latest processing machineries Like Automatic Injection Moulding machine, Hand Injection moulding machine, Blow moulding machine, Compression moulding machine, Automatic product grinding, and recycling machine. Department also has modern quality control and testing facility like UTM machine, Melt Flow Tester, Impact Tester, Specific Gravity Tester, ESCR Testing machine, Carbon Black Testing equipment and also has good Polymer Synthesis and Characterization facility. The students of this department carry out their minor/major projects in these laboratories jointly with expert from industry and faculty of the department. The main topics covered in the area of Polymer Processing, Biopolymers, Composites, Polymer Blends and alloys, Plastic Waste Management, Polymer Recycling, Mold Design and Fabrication and Nano materials etc.


Total Intake of student in this course is 62 in morning and 62 in evening shift.


1.Dr. M.D. JoshiLecturer(Selection Grade)M.Sc. (Polymer) Ph.D
2.Dr. Harjeet SinghLecturer(Selection Grade)M.E. (Polymer Tech) Ph.D.
3.Mr. Bhim SinghLecturer(Selection Grade)M.Tech (Polymer Tech)
4.Mr. Aftab AlamLecturer(Selection Grade)M.E. (Polymer Tech)
5.Dr. A.K. SaikiaLecturer(Sen. Scale)M.Sc.(polymer science), PG Diploma in Cement Technology,Ph.D